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What is respirator fit testing?

The use of specialised equipment to check your respirator seals to your face securely.


There are different test methods for doing this, qualitative and quantitative. Each method takes approx. 20 minutes to complete the test which includes education and coaching.

3M reusable respirator 6200M

Quantitative test:

  • Designed for half and full facepiece respirators (disposable and reusable).

  • Utilises powered equipment which connects directly to wearers respirator.

  • Exercises same as Qualitative test.

  • Works by counting particles outside and inside the respirator throughout the test.

  • An overall ‘Fit Factor’ is calculated and a pass or fail result is displayed within 7 minutes.

Qualitative tests:

  • Used to test disposable and half facepiece reusable respirators.

  • Utilises a portable hood enclosure and challenge solutions.

  • Involves performing exercises to challenge the respirator fit.

  • If you do not taste the solution throughout the test your respirator has sealed well.

  • If you taste solution you need an alternative respirator and retesting.


Do you need to be fit tested?

Yes, to check the respirator is safe to use and to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and specifically AS/NZS1715 which states those required to wear respirators for work be fit tested.

How often is fit testing required?

  • AS/NZS1715 recommends annual testing

  • When you change the make/model of respirator

  • Any changes to face size and shape, e.g. dental work, loss or gain weight.

  • At any time you suspect you’re not getting a good seal

Who should conduct fit testing?

  • “A competent person” (AS/NZS1715)

  • Health and Safety Executive ( UK) lists fit tester competencies, refer to HSE OC 282/28 also ISO 16975-3.

  • HSL’s Fit Testers are Commit2Fit competent fit testers for qualitative and quantitative test methods.

Contact us for more details or to book an appointment to discuss
a fit testing service your workplace.
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